9 Best Healthy Food Recipes for Kids

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There is a diverse selection of cuisine available in India that is both delicious and beneficial to one’s health. If you give your children these foods as part of their diet, it will be easier for you to get them to eat without making a fuss. Similarly, they can obtain the necessary nutrients by consuming such meals. Continue reading to find out more information on the top healthy food recipes for kids.

Are you concerned about providing your young children with the appropriate nourishment yet unsure of what to feed them? You will find ten recipes in this post that are guaranteed to put a big grin on your children’s faces and give you the satisfaction of knowing that you are providing them with the best nutrition available.


Some of the Healthy Food Recipes for Kids


1. Palak Paneer Rice


Palak Paneer Rice, healthy food recipes for kids


The vivid green color of the finished product appeals to most children. Your children will be able to get all the necessary nutrients from this food while growing up. The consumption of palak, also known as spinach, is recommended since it is an excellent source of folic acid. Paneer, on the other hand, is rich in calcium and protein, both of which are essential for the healthy development of your children.

2. Amrakhand

The Gujaratis and the Maharashtrians put a lot of emphasis on this sweet dish. The mango pulp is mixed with the yogurt to make this dish. Your children will most likely like this, which will alleviate any tension that you may be feeling. Because consuming excessive sugary foods can be detrimental to children’s health, this food item should only be given to children on rare occasions or in very tiny quantities.


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3. Parathas stuffed with vegetables

Putting veggies in front of children typically causes them to lose their temper and throw tantrums. However, without these vegetables, you will not be able to give your children the appropriate nutrients. Therefore, making tasty parathas with all of the essential vegetables is the simplest way to conceal the fact that you are eating them. You may even add cheese and paneer to them to make them better, and then serve them with tomato sauce or chutney for dipping.


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4. Navaratna Korma

This meal not only tastes good but also does your body good. This recipe is one of the wonderful foods that you can feed your children sans worrying about nutrition because it is made of nine different types of veggies, nuts, and fruits. They would find the flavor delicious and finish everything on their plate without being prompted.


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5. Khichdi

This is the recipe that requires the least amount of effort and the shortest amount of time to prepare. Rice and legumes are all required because they contain all the necessary nutritious protein. You may also make khichdi with dahl, which is just broken wheat in another form. Even though this variety of khichdi is typically made for infants and toddlers, it is appropriate for children of any age. You can add spices to it so that it has a better flavor.

6. Upma


Upma, healthy food recipes for kids


The South Indian meal known as upma is a wholesome option you may serve to your children. It is delicious, and the preparation does not take up much of your time. Therefore, whenever your children become dissatisfied with eating the same foods, you can try this recipe out on them, and they will most likely enjoy it.


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7. Mango Idly

The fruit of the mango tree contains all the beneficial vitamins and critical enzymes necessary for the body to break down proteins properly. It supports kids’ immune systems, enhances their eyesight, and aids in appropriate digestion, so kids can feel healthier overall. Create these adorable mini idlys to win over the affection of your tiny one.


8. Halwa

The sweet dish known as halwa, which can be produced from either carrots or beets, is a delectable treat that is loved by people of all ages. Your small toddler will have a better appetite due to this food’s exceptionally high nutritional value. The preparation of this mouthwatering dish won’t take up a lot of your time at all. Because sugar is also included in this recipe, it is possible to serve it more sporadic basis.


9. Vegetable Cutlets


Vegetable Cutlets


The recipe for vegetable cutlet is simple to put together. To prepare the vegetable patties, you need to boil the veggies, add ginger-garlic paste and spices, mash the mixture, and form the mixture into tiny patties. Now, pan-fried these patties in a small pan and offer them with ketchup or chutney made from tomatoes.


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Final Words


healthy food recipes for kids


These are some of the simplest healthy food recipes for kids you can make that will provide them with all the important nutrients they need. Your children’s interest in eating will continue to increase as they become accustomed to the new meals that will be included in their diet. This is because these new foods will have a range of flavors and will taste delicious. They will finally quit bothering you about what they are going to eat, much to your relief.

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