8 Online Brain Games for Kids

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Online brain games for Kids are readily available, and then in recent times, their demand has only grown. Such games can increase your child’s interest and concentration while strengthening core reasoning functions. They also help you learn their strengths and limitations.


Here is a list of the top brain games for kids to encourage mental stimulation through entertaining games: 


1. Funexpected Math:

Funexpected Math is indeed an appealing interactive environment for children ages 3 to 7 that offers a developing library of math-related activities that promote different points of view and enhance learning abilities. The software offers a pleasant and interesting way of introducing basic mathematical concepts early and making sure kids are confident in math.

The program improves your kid’s spatial cognition and encourages them to utilize common sense to foster their independence as well as creativity through some kind of variety of entertaining logic games.

Available on: iPhone, iPad, and Android devices


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2. LogIQids:

Within that brain-training application LogiQids, young players can practice logic, judgment, spatial awareness, and problem-solving techniques. Gamification is used by LogiQids to motivate parenting tips for teenagers to participate in their regular practice sessions. Each one of the workouts and challenges in LogiQids begins with a list of the most important advantages.

Available on: iPhone, iPad, and Android devices


brain games for kids


3. EpicMem-Brain Training:

A neurologist developed the parenting tips for preschoolers; a kid-friendly brain practice game EpicMem-Brain to improve a memory capacity that is susceptible to maturing. It is accessible on iOS devices and offers kids of all ages an enjoyable brain workout. The whole package of EpicMem-Brain Education is accessible through various subscription lengths, and a trial version is offered.

Available in: iPhone and iPad


4. Relax Brain Games:

A flexible and effective mind game for youngsters who want to study more accurately and thoroughly is Readlax: Brain Games. Utilizing the app’s exclusive games and instructional approaches, you may use its many features to increase your vocabulary while also enhancing your learning capabilities, cognition, stress management, and compassion. Relax: Brain Games provides additional options as just a monthly and perhaps lifetime membership and is originally available for free. Relax: As per the App Store as well as Google Play, Brain Games are appropriate for children aged 4 and older and are devoid of in-app advertisements.

Available on: iPhone, iPad, and Android devices


online games for kids, online brain games for kids


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5. LogicLike: Brain Teaser Games:

The LogicLike app fosters critical reasoning and discussion skills in both children and adults. More than 2,500 questions, challenges, brainteasers, logical puzzles, flashcards, and mathematical problems are included. For every age category, there are various levels of difficulty available. Whatever your starting point, the program will guide you in progressively honing your talents to take the extra step. The application lets brain training interesting and offers online leaderboards to encourage much more competitive students. Enjoy the LogicLike task, improve your intelligence, and also have fun! supports Apple and Android mobile platforms.

Available on: iPhone, iPad, and Android devices


6. MentalUP Brain Games:

Your children’s memory, focus, and attention span will improve thanks to MentalUP Brain Activities for Children. Children may play engaging brain games from MentalUP that introduce them to various problem kinds and the many styles of thinking needed to solve issues. Kids’ brain-stimulating games hone abilities like imaginative play, focused attention, split attention, and even visual processing. With the help of MentalUP’s free brain practice matches, you can enhance your children’s emotional growth.


Available on: iPhone, iPad, and Android devices




7. Fiete Match:

With just an application that will evaluate logical reasoning, numeracy, plus memory skills, the independent developer team Ahoiii pulls it all out of the bags once more. Youngsters will like using the app because it is so beautifully made. The app has an EAS Approved Status as well as a 5 Star Certification.

Available in: iPhone and iPad


online brain games, online brain games for kids


8. Pictoword:

To obtain the appropriate word in the thrilling puzzle game Pictoword, two interrelated photo hints must be joined. You could prevent in-app expenditures by earning coins for each correct puzzle. The riddles can be posted to Facebook, allowing you to ask your friends for assistance if necessary. Although Pictoword is mostly a game, it does give users the chance to evaluate their reasoning and problem-solving abilities for each task. Additionally, there is indeed a spelling element that helps players improve because they need to pronounce every term properly to accomplish the puzzle.

Available on: iPhone, iPad, and Android devices


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Online Brain Games for Kids are generally designed to increase and strengthen specific mental abilities, like one’s capacity to improve concentration, interpret data more quickly, and concentrate more attentively. Numerous brain training applications have been created as a result of studies, most of which make the argument to enhance cognitive abilities like memory, focus, and comprehension. Take into consideration your children’s distinct personalities when choosing brain games for them. Discover games that your youngster is interested in playing with them; have fun and enjoy alongside!

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