Why Public Speaking for Kids?

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Public speaking in kids is an essential skill that is not given much importance. In this era of increasing competition, confidence is key, and remarkable public speakers are running the world. Let’s look at why public speaking for kids is important and why it needs to be developed in kids.


Why Public Speaking for Kids?


1. Improvement in Academics:


Improvement in Academics, public speaking for kids


In almost every syllabus in schools and colleges, students are required to do presentations. With the analytical thinking that they acquire from public speaking, they can apply it in their upcoming presentations. A confident public speaker can have a solid public presence which helps them in various aspects of life. When asked a question that requires critical thinking, the confidence built with public speaking can help them answer smartly with their research-based thought process. They can also confidently handle assessments in front of a panel or a crowd like a viva and quizzes.


2. Better Communication Skills:


Better Communication Skills


Public speaking helps kids making them better communicators. Through this, they will be able to express their ideas and thoughts clearly. While this may not sound like much, becoming a clear communicator requires practice. A professional and competent personality development course for kids that put forward many opportunities for them to practice putting their thoughts out can help.


3. Better Listening Skills:


Better Listening Skills


The qualities of a public speaker are not only giving a good stellar speech but also who can listen well and address concerns. While learning public speaking skills, kids are often put in situations where they are required to listen to a problem and respond appropriately. When they attain a habit of listening well, they can understand and grasp difficult subjects. It also boosts the morality of your child, they become more kind and can develop a better relationships with family and friends.

“Be Still When You Have Nothing To Say; When Genuine Passion Moves You, Say What You’ve Got To Say, And Say It Hot.”

D. H. Lawrence


4. Ability To Influence And Persuade:


Ability To Influence And Persuade, public speaking for kids


When something is said with confidence, people would believe that even if it’s a lie. It is very easy to believe a public speaker. This is the reason, often politicians, and marketing people are good at public speaking. The ability to persuade and influence anyone is a quality of the leader. A smart communicator can easily make people believe in their ideas rather than a smart person. Public speaking is important for the young ones because they are the future of our nation. This encourages the ability to share their ideas with the world and also influence it.

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5. Confidence And Self-esteem:


Confidence And Self-esteem


As mentioned earlier, public speaking will help students build confidence and give them higher self-esteem that will help them throughout their lifetime. Whether it is a viva or grabbing people’s attention, kids who smartly talk are always confident and charming. In today’s era, children suffer from low self-esteem when they are discriminated against and bullied, and most of the problems can be solved by developing higher self-esteem in them. Once they learn to face the real world, there is no turning back. They face the challenges fearlessly. This is one more method of personality development for kids.


freeze dance for kids



6. Organizational Skills:


Organizational Skills


Public speaking needs a kid to be organized and become a great planners as they have to stand on their own feet to answer the question they face. They acquire a habit of planning things which helps them in the future in becoming organized. Their organizational and planning skills will be valuable as they grow up and take on big responsibilities. They develop an analytical mind that will help them in problem-solving.


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7. Progress In Vocabulary And Pronunciation:


Progress In Vocabulary And Pronunciation, public speaking for kids


Pronunciation and vocabulary are linked and depend on each other. For instance, if you pronounce a word incorrectly, then the vocabulary that you know will not be of any use. Public speaking helps kids to excel in both areas. Do you want to know how? Daily practicing speeches, writing a speech, and proper teaching can improve their pronunciation and vocabulary and help in discovering new words.


8. Children Become Opinionated:


Children Become Opinionated


Public speaking develops children to form opinions. Once they develop making judgments, they start to form opinions of their own. They can differentiate between morals. The child learns to take a stand for himself in what he thinks is right. This is important in decision-making. Having an opinion of your own is a sign of identity. If the child has an opinion and put it in front of people, he/she gets huge respect and appreciation.

“Best Way To Conquer Stage Fright Is To Know What You’re Talking About.”

Michael H. Mescon


9. Job Opportunities:

After your education finishes, the next phase of your life initiates. That is to find a job. A person who is skilled in public speaking is preferred compared to someone who isn’t skilled because public speaking altogether gives a varied experience that offers dynamic development. Besides, a person who has mastered the skill of public speaking has distinguished communication skills which are basic job criteria.


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sustained attention



10. Social Connections:


Social Connections, public speaking for kids


Speeches, presentations, and workshops are the perfect places to find people who share similar tastes and mentalities. When you deliver a speech, you are discussing with the audience. You let them take a look into your persona. The moment you step down the stage, people gather to either congratulate you or ask a doubt or talk to you. This way you directly interact with them and make social connections. Social connections are important in career development. Therefore, public speaking helps children grow in their careers.


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All these aspects make children future-ready and become great influential leaders. Encouraging your kids to public speaking will help them build confidence and make them smart kids. This is why public speaking for kids is an essential element in their academics.


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