5 Principles of Good Parenting for Healthy Upbringing

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We often come across incidences when daughters compare their fathers to heroes of movies, and sons seeking mothers in their better halves. These incidences are examples of healthy upbringing. Therefore, It is not only the kids who need to be disciplined, we as parents should also follow some principles of good parenting to set some good examples as role models for our kids.

Good parenting can be said as the act of meeting the responsibilities of raising & nurturing children in a way that makes a child well prepared to understand their full potential as a human being. Good parenting also refers to a manner of parenting that increases a child’s probability of becoming the most accomplished adult they could be. Moreover, this is known as fruitful parenting as it enables the child to grow into an intellectually and morally successful adult.

Principles of Good Parenting:


Practical parenting skills are the universal rules applicable to any parent looking at raising a sensitive & productive child who will become a responsible adult.

“Behind every young child who believes in himself is a parent who believed first.”- Matthew Jacobson


  1. Adjust your Parenting Style to your child’s Requirements: 

As the child grows & develops, so does his behavior, outlook, viewpoint. Change yourself with the child. What works now may not work after a year.


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adjust parenting style, principles of good parenting


2. Spend Quality Time with Children: 

A play date, eating together, purchasing, watching a show, reading a book -you can pick any of these & spend some time with your child to bond with them. Make beautiful memories with your child.


3. Communication is the Key: 

As a parent, you really can’t presume your kid to follow whatever you say just because you are a parent. Kids also have the freedom to question the reason behind their decision. So be open & don’t wait to share an explanation for your set rules & regulations. Always keep a scope of negotiation.

“You can learn many things from children. How much patience you have, for instance.” – Franklin P. Adams

Norman Vincent


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good parenting


4. Role Model:

Be aware a mini version of you is continually watching you, not just watching you but duplicating what you do. So be careful of not just your actions but your words too. Display qualities of gratitude, love, honesty, respect, care, amity in your activities and expressions.





5. Be There for Your Kid:

Responsive parenting heads to healthy kids (mentally & emotionally). Show them that your love is genuine. Do your best as a parent- trust your inner voice & instincts. Keep making lovely memories with your kid.


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When parents use a heart-based path, they take on the role of a mentor or counselor with their kids. They are firm, maybe a bit stern at times. Still, they also use various parenting ways, including love, trust, and understanding.

Hope this article on principles of good parenting proves beneficial in healthy upbringing of your child.

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