What to Feed Toddlers with Diarrhea?

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Diarrhea is a situation in which you are having watery stools and bowel movement is very frequent. It leads to loss of fluids from the body, thus making you feel dehydrated all the time. This leads to weaknesses which can last days if not treated well. Diarrhea among kids can be mild, which usually goes away within a few days. Diarrhea is a waterborne disease caused by flu, thus requiring treatment and careful management of water. For very young children it can be a daunting disease since they are less mobile and thus require proper management. In case your kid suffers from diarrhea, the answer to what to feed toddlers with diarrhea can help relieve the situation.


Diet for Children with Diarrhea



  1. Bananas:


Bananas, what to feed toddlers with diarrhea


They are rich in fiber as well as with nutrients like potassium and iron. This sweet is available throughout the year and one or two of it can be consumed easily to relieve the pain.



2. Apples:




It is also high in fiber content, thus improving food retentivity in the stomach. Fiber binds the stool well and eases off diarrhea. Apple also completes a daily dose of many vitamins and minerals like iron.



3. Coconut water:


Coconut water


It is rich in potassium, sodium, and sugar. These are the perfect combination of the brine which is present in our stomachs. Thus, it acts as a super liquid that settles the digestive tract and is loaded with good bacteria. It gives a good supply of probiotics and replenishes the supply of gut bacteria.



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4. Potatoes:


Potatoes, what to feed toddlers with diarrhea


They provide much of the energy due to their rich carbohydrate content and also are excellent to digest. Potatoes are also one of the favorite diets of toddlers, so make it easier for them to feed.



5. Rice:

Cooked rice is rich in starch and an excellent source of energy, thus becoming a good energy source. Rice can be eaten with multiple side meals like curd, dal, and fluid vegetables, thus making it a complete meal with all the nutrients. It also decreases the frequency of stool.



6. Curd:




It helps to settle the fluid levels in the body and removes discomfort in the digestive tract. It is also a probiotic and replenishes the good bacteria in the stomach.



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7. Ginger:




Ginger with rock salt or jaggery works by providing relief from indigestion and diarrhea. It reduces symptoms and is best suited for slightly older children of age 3-4.



8. Lemon water:


Lemon water


Lemon is a universal cure for many ailments. It works by replenishing lost fluids and also the vitamins to go with it. It also strengthens the immune system of the body with vitamin C.



9. Vegetable soup: 

Fresh veggies with tomato soup work well by improving digestion through fiber content. Remember to avoid gassy vegetables like cabbage, spinach, cauliflower, or sprouts to not cause side effects apart from loose motions. Also, avoid pepper or any other hard spices during this period.



10. Porridge:

Porridge or sabudana is a light food rich in starch and is quite beneficial. Soaked sabudana or cooked with a little oil works perfectly for your child.





11. White bread:

White bread made of refined flour keeps the food bound within the stomach. It doesn’t contain much fiber yet helps in recovering from diarrhea. Having the bread toasted adds to the treatment. Avoid using any spreads like the oil or sugar that comes with it causes much more delay in recovery.



12. ORS:

It is the last resort when there is sudden dehydration due to frequent bowel motion to replace lost electrolytes. ORS is a must. It can be readily available at medical stores or can be made at home with sugar, salt, and boiled water. Just ensure that your child takes it slowly as excess liquid in small time can only promote further loose motions.



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Foods to Avoid during Diarrhea


Foods to avoid during diarrhea


Dairy products except for curd, buttermilk, or whipped yogurt avoid milk-based products as well due to their gassy nature


  • Fruit juices: they are high in simple sugars which draw water from the body thus making the body even more dehydrated it creates more water in the intestine rather than in the stomach drink plain or boiled water instead to maintain the balance
  • Fat-rich products: these foods increase the workload of your small intestine thus adding to the already stressed body. Thus cheese, butter, fried food, pickles, and nuts should be ideally avoided during this time



What can be done further?

  • Track meals: Keep notice of what your kid is eating and at what frequency, it helps in further diagnosis of any serious issues, issues like food poisoning are much more serious and difficult to manage,
  • Look out for bloody stools: It is a sign of a stressed intestine and hence needs proper care from a doctor, so if you spot bloody stool for your kid, connecting with a pediatrician is advisable,
  • Having small meals throughout the day rather than heavy meals maintains appetite and avoids any burden on the intestines, giving more water with solid meals is recommended.


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Diarrhea is not a disease, but rather a situation that can be treated with the right diet and right schedule. It is often managed at home, but if symptoms are persistent, don’t hesitate to connect with your pediatrician for better care. Knowing what to feed toddlers with diarrhea can help you relieve the pain of your younger ones.

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