How to Protect Toddlers from Pollution

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What is Smog?

Smog is a mixture of smoke & fog is a pollutant of air. This smog is usually composed of gases like nitrogen oxides, ozone, sulfur oxides & smoke from multiple sources. Smog may also comprise particles of other pollutants like Carbon Monoxide, CFCs & radioactive substances. Smog may cause a severe health risk, particularly to senior citizens, young kids & patients with heart/lung complexities.

The following ways may produce smog:

  • Crop burning
  • Progress in large scale construction sites
  • Discharges from factories & manufacturing plants
  • The increase in vehicles, particularly the ones that utilize diesel
  • Excessive use of crackers for festivals, weddings, etc.
  • Stagnant winds that don’t disband dust & pollutants effectively.

Protect Toddlers from Pollution

Tips to Guard from Air Pollution

1. Stay inside 

The most simple resolution to avoid air pollution is to stay off from it, especially during peak smog times. Try to restrict their exposure to complete essential activities, like school or a doctor’s visit.

2. Club movements 

If you and your children need to go out, try to club errands/activities collectively so you can withdraw multiple trips to the city. Try avoiding the main city center & find places that are in the suburbs or away from the epicenter of the smog.

3. Use Face masks

can help against air pollution up to a certain degree. They are usually made of comfy fabrics like cotton & are ergonomically designed to rest over the nose & lower face. They help to keep out dust, bacteria, etc. 

4. Keep indoors clean. 

Use heavy curtains & keep the polluted air away from entering your homes.

5. Don’t burn trash 

Burning things like plastic can worsen the air quality, so find a more eco-friendly & sustainable form of getting rid of garbage.

6. Drink lots of liquids

Good fluid consumption is suggested for everyone, especially kids. It serves as a form of detoxing the body & flushing out the toxins that can intensify symptoms.

7. Withdraw strenuous activity

When kids play hard & get out of breath, they breathe faster, which means an increased rate of entry for the various pollutants around them. Restrict sports and heavy activity to days that have cleaner air.

8. Eat the right food. 

During times of intense air pollution, it makes sense to ensure that our immune systems are well-nourished. Try fruits & vegetables that have high contents of Vitamin C and Omega fatty acids.

9. Use air purifiers. 

These are ideal for families that have members prone to asthma or allergies. They help purify the air by removing allergens & tiny particles, enabling everyone to breathe and sleep better. You can also have one in your car when on the move.

10. Indoorspurifying plants 

A natural way to keep home air clean is by having indoor plants that purify the air. Plants such as areca palm, aloe vera, azalea, & Tulsi will help to keep the home feeling fresh.

Attempting to protect kids from air pollution is an ongoing process, & you need to continue maintaining your action plan.

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