8 Personal Hygiene Tips for Kids

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Most people like to relax around on weekends and some even miss out on baths on one of the days. Continuing personal hygiene is a fundamental requirement for kids and adults. The bacteria we come in contact with daily will increase on our bodies until we clean them off. Practicing good hygiene guidelines will mostly help us avoid illnesses. Thus, take a glance at these personal hygiene tips for kids and ensure that they obey each one of them.


Personal Hygiene Tips for Kids


1. Brush your teeth twice a day:


Brush your teeth twice a day, personal hygiene tips for kids


We don’t understand why children look as if brushing their teeth is a mammoth job. How many times has your kid walked up to you insisting that he or she brushed his or her teeth but visibly had not? It is always beneficial to develop a high-quality oral hygiene routine from the start. A little drive now will develop this habit and will go a long way.
Make sure your son/daughter brushes and flosses twice a day. Brushing your teeth two times a day is a must-carry-out task as tooth decay is a very usual problem amongst kids. Similarly, have an appointment with the dentist frequently or every six months for regular check-ups and request an antibacterial mouthwash that your kid can utilize for oral hygiene. The importance of maintaining hygiene can be simplified more easily through personality development for kids.



2. Take a bath every day:


Take a bath every day


Despite the fact you have to struggle to take kids to the bathroom for bathing, others will simply not come out of the bathroom after! Do not surrender even if they give you a tough time. If you miss out on shower time on one of the days, they will develop it as a daily thing. Once they turn around 5 years old, kids can nearly take a bath on their own with a little direction here and there. Attempt to make bathing a task of a bedtime routine also. By doing this, they will keep cleanliness particularly when they attain puberty and they get all smelly.
Look for a bar of antibacterial soap or body wash so that you can effortlessly get cleared of the bacteria caught by sweat. Along with a moisturizer and a pleasant odor, natural deodorant will keep maintain a good body odor.


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3. Wash your hands often:


Wash your hands often, personal hygiene tips for kids


This is perhaps the most significant good hygiene tip of all the tips. This hygiene practice should be even followed by adults. Kids are continuously in touch with toys, and books, chewing on chocolate the whole day. We need to instruct them to wash their hands before and after consuming a meal, after going to the washroom, after removing the trash, after caressing the pet, on returning home from anywhere outside, or after being present around a sick friend or hospital. Use scented flavors of soaps and sanitizers around the home so that the kids like them and that they are interested to wash their hands every now and then.





4. Trim your nails:


Trim your nails


While you can pay attention to trimming their nails when they are immature, around the age of 7, they should be able to do it on their own. Trimming nails is very essential as it is the reproducing ground of germs of several diseases. Therefore, make it a purpose to get your kids to cut their nails each week. You can instruct them to do it after having their bath as nails are likely to get a little tender after bathing and are trouble-free to cut.



“Positive thinking and good hygiene can keep diseases away.”



5. Use hand sanitizer at school:


Use hand sanitizer at school, personal hygiene tips for kids


It is comfortable to go to a washbasin and wash your palms when at your house but the same may not be feasible at school. Your child possibly not be able to go and wash their hands each time they get in touch with a dusty bookshelf or scribble on the blackboard with a piece of chalk. That is when hand sanitizers become handy. Therefore, ensure that you send a bottle of hand sanitizer to your child regularly.



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6. Parents should help identify germ-prone objects:


Parents should help identify germ-prone objects


Apart from evident items, for example, garbage or utilized tissues, everyday items also have germs in them. These are mainly things that many people consume, for instance, money notes and coins, door knobs, smartphones, keyboards of laptops, lift buttons, etc. The best personality development coach explains to your kids that any item utilized by more than one person or used all over the day by the same individual has a layer of germs. They should dodge touching these entities or make sure to wash their hands right after they touch them.




7. Imbibe the habit of carrying a handkerchief:


Imbibe the habit of carrying a handkerchief


Even if your kid has a cough or cold or not, put it into practice to send a hankie every day. Each time you cough or sneeze, you send out millions of bacteria that can infect the other person sitting near you. With the help of a handkerchief, kids can cover up their mouths when they cough or sneeze. Hygienic practices similar to these go on to instruct kids’ etiquette as well.



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8. Keep your surroundings clean:


Keep your surroundings clean, personal hygiene tips for kids


You could stick to all good hygiene tips for kids but an untidy desk or bedroom will mean plenty of bacteria and germs. Hence, instruct your kids to maintain their surroundings neat and clean, beginning from their study desks to their beds and washroom. Ensure they clear up dirty clothes in the laundry bin/basket and put on fresh clothes and use clean towels at every time.


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In conclusion, it is vital to instruct our kids on the significance of good hygiene and pen down the methods by which we can keep a healthy lifestyle. This will turn out to be more important for them when they reach puberty. We should explain the worth of personal hygiene tips for kids and instruct them to follow them to lead a hygienic and healthy lifestyle.


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