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Top 10 Pregnancy Health Tips for You an Your New Born

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This is the time for a woman when she goes through various physical changes that may cause mood swings and a lot of stress. It is advised not to worry and take a very good care of yourself. We believe that an expecting mother needs equal love and care than the young one in her womb. So, if you want your new born to healthy, read these top 10 pregnancy health tips recommended by health experts.


Top 10 Pregnancy Health Tips to Follow:

  1. Stay Hydrated:

Intake of approx. More than twelve glasses of water every day is essential; this would help prevent digestive & urine infections.

“Water is your new best friend.”


2. Avoid Heavy-weight exercises:

Before starting any exercise, consult & inform the doctor & the instructor. Exercising would help in reducing stress. Avoid carrying heavy objects to avoid strain.

3. Folic Acid rich diet:

Include green leafy vegetables & citrus fruits to ensure 400- 800 micrograms for folic acid quota. Folic acid is essential for growth & reducing birth problems. Avoid toxins – alcohol, caffeine & quit smoking during pregnancy to avoid serious difficulties during birth.


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4. Make sure to get adequate sleep (min. 8 hours) to feel relaxed & energized.
5. Wear comfortable shoes to prevent swelling & fatigue of the feet & legs.
6. Avoid meat & animal fat during pregnancy as there is no quality check for the same. Eat cooked food only to avoid bacterial infections.

7. Keep track of weight grain: 

Too many extra kg may make it hard to lose later. Keep a check on your medications. Avoid self-medication.

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pregnancy health tips8. Reduce/ Avoid cosmetics as they contain many chemicals that may be carcinogenic to the baby’s development. Avoid sauna or hot spa during pregnancy.
9. Ask for help whenever required.
10. When to contact the doctor – pain, intense cramp, having contractions with interval, vaginal bleeding, constant nausea/vomiting, edema, decreased activity by the baby.

Taking care of yourself as a mother is essential because the most vital thing that matters for a child’s health and development is based on the health of the mother. Only a healthy mother gives birth to a healthy baby.


Hope this article on pregnancy health tips benefits you and your new born.

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