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10 Tips for Working Mothers

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Sustaining a balance between your personal and professional lives for working mothers can be a challenge, particularly when the territory for both has become one. With increased duties or responsibilities as a new mom or a young professional, the pressure of managing home and work can be no less than a test. So, if you are feeling stuck in a cycle of managing work and home, here are tips for working mothers that will help you become the captain of your ship and continue to keep a perfect work-life balance.


10 Tips for Working Mothers


1. The Golden Hour:


The Golden Hour, tips for working mothers


The morning time is ‘the golden hour’ because that is when you can offer time for your soul. Get up an hour or 30 minutes before and follow a routine of any exercise that makes you feel connected with yourself such as meditation or yoga. This time will help you to deal with the full activities and be ready for the day ahead.


2. The To-do List:


The To-do List


It is important to write down your tasks for the day and line up them according to their priority. Find the part of the day you feel most motivated and complete your most important tasks within that time. When you feel a little diverted or dreamy, try to finish the rest of the tasks. A pre-planned to-do list will give you sound sleep and reduce stress.


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3. Avoid Distractions:


Avoid Distractions


With the increase in social media’s impact on our lives, most women waste a lot of time on their mobile phones. Except your work demands you to use your mobiles, prevent using them during your most productive hours. Develop focus, complete your critical tasks, and keep short breaks for yourself.


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4. Work-life Balance Has To Be Flexible:


Work-life Balance Has To Be Flexible, tips for working mothers


There is no ‘ideal’ way of managing your work-life balance. With every person having a various set of responsibilities, how they succeed to manage their to-do list will be different. Think of what works best for you. ‘Organizing’ tasks, both at work and home can help.



5. Give Yourself Short Breaks:


Give Yourself Short Breaks


With long hours consumed in front of the screen due to work, both laptops and mobiles, your eyes and mind may feel exhausted rapidly. Taking short 5-10 minutes breaks can help build up focus for a longer duration.
Do not indulge in any screen-related activity during this break. Prepare yourself with a cup of tea or give your eyes a splash of cold water. The best personality development mentor recommends indulging in deep breathing.


6. Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself:


Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself


There will be days in the future when you are unable to accomplish everything on your list. Everyone has to face these days! Keep in mind to take some time off and opt for Me-time. Read, exercise, laugh or do what you wish that makes you feel happy. Unplug yourself from the tension and give space to new thoughts, ideas, and positivity in your life.


7. Health Comes First:


Health Comes First, tips for working mothers


A healthy mind and body can work out more and achieve more. Focus on your health, because HEALTH IS WEALTH! Stay hydrated, consume fresh fruits and salads, move your body, dance and laugh. Spending some valuable time with your family can drastically help you enhance your well-being.



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8. Plan Meals Ahead:


Plan Meals Ahead


Make only a single shopping tour per week to buy the necessary ingredients. Buy a cookbook that comprises easy-to-prepare recipes. Double a dish and freeze the other half for another meal. When you are preparing a salad, make double it and save another half for the next night. Refrigerate lasagnas or any other one-dish meals in the freezer for nights when you feel lazy to cook something. Appoint your most hectic night as an order-out night and get Italian or Chinese food. Ask the kids to prepare dinner one night a week if they are mature enough.



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9. Teach Cleanup:


Teach Cleanup


Do you also clean up toys and put them into the basket, hang coats, stow shoes, pick up laundry, and make beds, all alone? Then stop it right away. These are tasks even 3-year-olds can do. When you reach home, ask politely for everybody to hang up their coats and put away their shoes on the rack. Describe to kids that dirty clothes go in the laundry bag or washing machine and clean clothes go back in the cupboard. Show them how to clean and make their beds. Resist the impulse to fix or fold after they are done with their task. In the end, they are learning and helping, so do not discourage them or make them feel they did an imperfect job. After all, it’s for the betterment of them that will eventually help in the personality development for kids.


10. Don’t Overreact If Everything Doesn’t Happen On Time:


Don’t Overreact If Everything Doesn’t Happen On Time, tips for working parents


There will be times when you will be running late and dinner is later than planned, maybe your kid’s extracurricular classes went on later than scheduled. Calmly admit the fact that not everything will go as you planned on your to-do list.


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Satisfying the role of Mom while also holding down a job can be dizzying. But with slight planning and following these tips for working mothers along with family cooperation, moms can make routine everyday jobs easier, get family members involved and help as a replacement for asking for things, and reduce everyone’s stress level.


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